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Bang, and here we go…

Sporting three of the original “four-ish” members of Dramarama (“four-ish,” you ask? Well, they didn’t start out with a permanent drummer, and after all, are many drummers really permanent?), the band is having more fun than ever and exudes a confidence and ease that only can come through experience. With the addition thirteen or so years ago of bassist Mike Davis (among other accomplishments, Mike is also the bass player for Metal God Rob Halford,) and drummer Tony Snow (The Change, Glimmer Stars, as well as a permanent member of Dramarama) original Dramarama members Peter Wood, Mark Englert, and John Easdale have really found their musical brethren. If you saw Dramarama back in the day and thought they were good, now you’ll be blown away; these guys are PHENOMENAL!*

*Of course this is subjective and mainly applies to those audiences with common sense and exceptional musical taste.

Every show is live, no tapes or tracks here! Every show is different, no formula, no set list. Every show is at least five talented guys having a great time on stage and sharing that experience with the audience.

Dramarama is Mark Englert (Lead/Rhythm Guitar); Peter Wood (Lead/Rhythm Guitar); Mike Davis (Bass); Tony Snow (Drums) and John Easdale (Singer/Songwriter).

Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” remains one of the most requested songs of all time on Los Angeles’s World Famous KROQ 106.7 FM

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Anything (Anything)