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Anything Box

Anything Box


Anything Box is an electronic/synth-pop/new wave musical group originally from Paterson, New Jersey and now based in Long Beach, California. Formed in 1986, they are best known for their 1989 single “Living in Oblivion.”

With a current lineup consisting solely of Claude Strilio, the past members have included long-time members Dania Morales and Paul Rijnders, as well as Carlos Pacheco, Mike Zacek, Gary Strilio, Dave South and Barry Bunch. The band is noted for its melodic, synth-driven dance beats from its early years as well as its fusion of electronics and guitars which is its current musical focus. Anything Box has released several albums, EPs, and singles, and continues to perform around the world.

Anything Box’s most recent release “Peace,” released on Endpop in January 2018, is a remastered version of their first album, and features remixes of their hits “Living In Oblivion” and “Jubilation.”